We often get asked why we don’t allow visits. This is not surprising given the number of “what to do when buying a dog” websites that advocate for visiting the breeder and meeting the puppy parents before purchasing a puppy or getting on a Waiting List. The problem with these sites is their priority is the buyer, not the health and safety of the puppies or the breeder. We can provide references, videos, facetime, whatever you need to see from us without you visiting in person. In the future will have a area just for meeting our dogs/puppies.

Prior to 9 weeks, puppies just don’t have the immunity to be exposed safely to outsiders. Families will still be provided with photos, videos, and personality descriptions on puppies in order to assist in making your selection at 6-7 weeks of age (We spent a great deal of time with our puppies and know them well.) Families will be provided with a time frame to call or email with their choice. Of course we are always available to discuss your choices in detail to make sure you receive the puppy who is best suited for your family. Additionally, we have noticed less and less families travel for Selection Day since we provide pictures, videos and temperament evaluations. Many families don’t want to travel for Selection Day and make the trip again just 3 weeks later for pick up.


Safety of current and future puppies is our top priority!

Parvo can survive on the ground and on the soles of shoes for up to 7 years, and can be transmitted to places where you walk. Compared to human viruses it’s like the Bubonic Plague (Black Death). Once a property is contaminated, its virtually impossible to eradicate. Puppies are highly susceptible to this virus and the majority of the time, once infected, it will kill the whole litter and future litters.  Parvovirus is a fast and deadly killer. Puppies and un-vaccinated dogs are most susceptible to it. It is highly resistant and can live on many surfaces for long periods of time including shoes, clothing, and any floor. This means you can innocently pick up Parvo just from running to the grocery store or a school. Parvo can kill an entire litter in less than 48 hours.