We accept deposits through PayPal, Cashapp, check or cash.

Puppies are chosen in order deposit is received. Though you will be matched with what you are looking for (Working home/Active companion home) 

All of our puppies have drive, though some have a little more than others.

If there are not enough puppies available once the litter arrives, then the buyer will have the following options.
1. Buyer will have option to move deposit to next breeding for which they had
made original deposit. Unless that breeding will not be repeated. In this case we choose the breeding. Buyer will be after any current deposits on said litter.
This means you are not guaranteed the same pick position.
2. Buyer may choose to move to different male/female breeding after any
current deposits on said breeding.
3. Buyer may choose to move to opposite sex if there are any puppies
available. Buyer will move to bottom of the selection list.
4. Buyer may transfer puppy deposit to adult/young dog if available.


If a client chooses to not take their puppy for whatever reason they acknowledge they forfeit their deposit in full. This means they will not be moved to a future litter.